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Wine nasal spray

nasal sprayIt goes without saying that red wine is among the most consumed beverages in the world. The history of red wine is thousands of years old. Health experts have discovered various health benefits associated with this wonderful drink and they continue to perform various types of studies about it. As per one of the latest studies done by a group of Swiss scientists, red wine has a special chemical that can act against lung cancer on smokers. In other words, it comprises of a unique chemical that can shield smokers from lung cancer. This chemical is used in a special nasal spray so the consumption is very easy.

The name of the chemical is resveratrol. In fact, resveratrol can be found in the skin of red grapes. As per the research, the skin of red grapes comprises of the properties that can boost human health. The chemical is capable of having the ability to lessen the formation of cancers tumors that occur as a result of smoking cigarette. This study was conducted on mice and as per the experts, the same results can be achieved on humans.
red wineHowever, the truth is that red wine comprises of the nominal amount of resveratrol and it would not be enough to treat a human. In addition to that, people shouldn’t drink red wine in large amounts as an anti-cancer treatment. The problem with that is alcohol consumption (even a moderate amount) on a daily basis can expose people more into lung cancers. This is exactly why many types of research were conducted to find a practical way to administrate resveratrol on humans instead of promoting alcohol consumption.
As a result of lengthy studies, nasal administration has found to be a very effective way to administer resveratrol into the human body with appropriately larger amounts. As per this method, experts say that resveratrol can be administered in the form of a nasal spray.
Red WineThis is a very effective method as opposed to administering it in the form of an e-cigarette. In fact, e-cigarettes cannot be recommended to an ex-smoker who is currently showing the symptoms of lung cancers. Instead, they can be treated with a special type of treatment (a nebulizing machine which is used to treat conditions like asthma).
Although current smokers can use an e-cigarette without any trouble, al alternative treatment methods must be used on the ex-smokers. Nasal spray with resveratrol can be used as a good alternative to this. However, the concept of using a nasal spray in the position of a resveratrol-containing e-cigarette is still a concept. A considerable amount of research will be carried out in order to check its effectiveness and administering it to humans. The future design of a nasal spray should be non-patentable as per the experts. Such an approach will help all lung cancer patients to gain access to red wine nasal sprays. Nevertheless, as mentioned before, plenty of studies will continue to prove the effectiveness and be 100% sure that it doesn’t cause any harmful side-effects.