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Wine Apps

Perhaps it’s not surprising that the mobile app has made its way to the wine industry. Today, many wine insiders use a myriad of apps to help them find the right wine for their needs. Some apps are focused on selection while others are about price. There is even one called Wine Ring that promises to find the perfect wine for you.

Regardless of the promises, the wine mobile app has become a mainstay of wine lovers for a variety of reasons. The key is finding out which ones work best for your needs without overloading your budget. What follows are a series of popular wine apps, their uses, and prices. This will help you determine which one is right for your tastes in wine.

This is a new wine-purchasing app that is also part of Delectable. Banquet is only for US customers and is connected to the leading independent shops that offer wine. This means that you can use the app to search by the following guidelines;

  • Region
  • Ratings
  • Price
  • Grape
  • Order

Once you have made your selection, you can pick your wine up at the nearest shop. The app itself is quite user-friendly and perfect for wine lovers who want only the best.

This wine app is used by a large number of winemakers, wine journalists, and sommeliers to help them find out more about specific wines that are on the market. It is designed to provide information on what wine insiders are drinking and going over their tasting notes, so you can make a better-informed decision about the wines that you choose.

You can combine the categories of wine to what matches the food you are going to eat. Add to this the latest in trends from wine insiders and you get an app that provides considerable information. Just take a photo of the wine label, enter it into Delectable, and add the name, region, variety of grape, and price and Delectable will do the rest. What is most impressive is how many obscure wines are included in their data base.

This mobile app uses a unique set of algorithms to find the right wine on a menu list. So, if you and your family or friends are eating out, you can use Omnipair to match up your dinner order with the right wine. There are over 4,000 lists that combine food and wine databases that are honed to your personal tastes.

Currently, this app is only available for London, but if it works out the app may expand to across the UK. It does have an opening given its unique nature and narrow focus which makes it quite promising.

With over 19 million users and offering 11 different languages, it’s not surprising that Vivino is a mobile app used by wine insiders and wine lovers around the world. This app is similar to Delectable in terms of its format. However, it is densely-packed with information about wines.

You can read through pages of pertinent information about many different types of wine. It will also pair recommended wines with different types of foods, including Girl Scout Thin Mints. This mobile app will identify the images of wine labels you provide quickly. Of course, this assumes that the label you provide is one of the more than 8 million in their database.

By using the “Wine Explorer” feature, you can filter your search quickly and even get links to retailers to make a purchase. Plus, you can use the app to scan the wine list from a restaurant and get information along with consumer ratings, so you can make the best-informed choice of what to select.

You also get plenty of consumer reviews which might be helpful in finding the right wine for your needs. While free versions of Vivino exist, there is a premium version of this wine app that currently runs $4.99 per month.

Wine Ring
This mobile app is built on your preferences in wine. To create a profile, you must take photos of wines that you have tasted and rate them on a scale starting with dislike up to so-so, like, and finally love. The algorithm within the app will use that information as a basis to judge whether a new wine will be to your liking. The app will scan a photo of the wine label and make the comparison.

If your profile is properly filled out, the Wine Ring can be quite the time-saver. Allowing you to quickly scan unfamiliar wine labels to see if they contain the type of wine you like. Unfortunately, building up a proper profile may take you 20, 50, or more wines to put into the program. Otherwise, you are likely to get a “not enough info” result. For wine insiders who have tasted a lot of wines, this app may be for you.

Wine Searcher
Arguably one of the best apps for comparing prices of not only wine, but beer and spirits, the Wine Searcher reaches around the world by tracking merchants and what they charge. So, it not only works for finding the right bottle of wine, but where it can be found. This helps you to save time, effort, and money when you search for your favorite type of wine. While Wine Searcher may not have the accuracy of Vivino or Delectable in terms of loading and identifying wine labels, it does offer a massive database for you to make the best-informed decision.

You can use the free version of this app for Android or iPhone. Also, there is a premium version that costs $49 annually.

For wine insiders or those who simply love a good bottle of wine, having the right mobile app will help you determine which one is right for you. The apps themselves are easy to use and some are quite handy in helping you remember which wines are to your liking. You probably only need a few wine apps, but choose carefully, so you get what you need at the right price.