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Rose Wines

The Best 3 Sparkling Rose Wines

Sparkling rose wines are popular among wine lovers because they are available in a wide variety of tastes, ranging from fruity and full bodies to floral and light.

They have recently become extremely popular because of how compatible they are with food. Whether you’re going through the main course or just an entree, sparkling rose wines are the perfect way to wash things down your throat. Popular foods that go well with sparkling rose wines include duck, pork, chicken, and smoked salmon.

For Asian dishes like sashimi and sushi, it is better to consume spicier and richer sparkling rose wines, while red-fruit styles that are rich in sweetness are best partnered up with red-fruit desserts. To help you decide between the best sparkling rose wines, we have extensively researched the internet for flavors that are smooth with a tangy finish and fine bubbles.

  • Mirabeau La Folie

This wine is considered by many experts as the best rose wine in the world. Wine manufacturers hailing from Provence have a considerable amount of experience under their belt, going back to a history that spans across several millennia. One such wine maker is Mirabeau, who is well known for making pink dry wines that can be combined with a large range of foods and desserts and fit just about any occasion.

Their best work so far is “La Folie” which comes with an attractive ballet-pink color that oozes out sparkling effervescent. This makes La Folie the perfect drink to wash down your food.

  • Willow and Stone Sparkling Rosé

Willow and Stone wines are easy to drink. They come in an attractive package that has modern overtones, and opening the screw cap will greet the drinker with delicious flavors of raspberry and strawberry. The delicious taste can be best described as light and crisp, making it ideal to fit just about any occasion.

The geniuses behind Willow & Stone products are the critically acclaimed Kingsland Drinks, who claim to use their proprietary research tool called WinePRO to design wine that combines only the best in terms of taste and appearance.

In a public statement, Jo Taylorson claimed that the primary motivator behind Kingsland Drinks is to pioneer beverages that appeal more to the millennial generation who want something that fits multiple occasions. And to that end, we believe that the Willow and Stone Sparkling Rose hits the sweet spot.

  • Rose All Day

After searching far and wide, we’ve finally found the wine that beats them all: Rose All Day. This drink was literally borne out of the needs of the millennial generation. Manufacturer Biagio Cru and Wine Spirits came up with their magnum opus, Rose All Day. For the uninitiated, #roseallday is a movement on Instagram where young people pose in front of the camera with their favorite drinks.

The wine body’s design screams out compatibility with the great outdoors and summer. Not to mention the taste, wherewith upon opening the lid, you will be instantly greeted by a soft, fresh scent of raspberry and strawberry with a tinge of blackcurrant and gooseberry.