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Wine Delivery

How Do Wine Shops Stay Alive During a Pandemic?

wine deliveryThe COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the closure of many businesses, including bars and restaurants. In response, consumers have been flocking to wine shops and liquor stores, which has led to an overall surge of alcohol sales. With so many restrictions due to

Coronavirus pandemic as well as the increased demand of liquor, wine shops must adapt in order to stay alive. For this purpose, many wine shops are using options such as contactless payments, exclusive wine delivery, etc. to best bring their shops to the people.

Following are some ways wine shops have adapted to the restrictions and continue to stay alive during the pandemic:

Safety Precautions
Although many states allow liquor stores and wine shops to remain open and serve their customers even during lockdown, the stores have significantly changed how they operate due to new safety regulations. A limit to the number of customers allowed inside the shop and reduced store hours are two of the most noticeable changes.

Some liquor stores only allow one customers to enter at a time and the use of mask is compulsory. Employees constantly clean door handles and surfaces and there are also hand sanitizing stations. Some stores are encouraging customers to pay via credit card in order to reduce contamination and avoid physical contact.

contactless paymentsWine Delivery Service
To ensure safety and health of both customers and employees, wine shops have also started to offer delivery and pickup services. Through mobile apps and websites, customers can place their orders and pay digitally. Some wine shops allow you to enter the store and pick up your order while there are some that bring your order to your home. Contactless payments, convenience, and increase in basket size are the key advantages of wine delivery services. Not to mention liquor stores are able to meet the increasing demand of beverages.

Other Methods to Reach Audiences
There are several other distinct ways liquor stores are reaching their audiences during the pandemic. Some wine shops mark down all their bottles 25% and offer “Quarantine Essentials” package that includes a number of handpicked wines and snacks. Others have compiled a “Quarantine Edition Blind Tasting Kit” which they utilize for the free delivery of wine in specific areas. There are wine shops that send out a daily newsletter that lists the inventory available in stock. All in all, retailers are doing their best to stay in business and satisfy the demand of their customers during these unprecedented times.

wine deliveryFinal Thoughts
So far, the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the wine industry has been different as compared to the experiences in past recessions. Retailers are taking advantage of technology and using contactless payments to reduce store hours. The increased use of wine delivery services has also made it easier for consumers to buy their favorite drinks from the comfort of their homes. To maximize the benefits of technology as well as retain customers, wine stores are focusing on mobile apps, websites, and implementing loyalty reward programs.